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Our Disclosure Statement

K & M of VA, Incorporated (herein referred to as K & M) is not an invention development/marketing/promotion service and, to the best of our knowledge, is not required under any state law to file a disclosure statement. However, since we encourage inventors to obtain disclosure statements from all those they do business with, we voluntarily make this disclosure:

K & M's services and products, under the brand name "Start Living the American Dream", are limited to:

  • Teaching inventors and entrepreneurs ("clients")
  • Consulting to clients to help them make better business decisions.

When providing our services, K & M of VA, Inc.:

  • Clearly discloses all fees for those services.
  • Encourages clients to broadly consider all comparable services on the market.
  • Never utilizes high-pressure tactics to sell any of our goods or services.
  • Does not profit from referring individuals to other services that we have engaged in our course of business.

K & M is not looking for you to disclose your idea up front and many of our services do not require disclosure at any time.  For services that require a disclosure by an inventor of their idea, K & M and our clients will enter into a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

As a part of our Product Evaluation service, K & M will assess the competitive market to better understand various aspects of the product and challenges that the client may face. For this service, K & M provides a clear understanding of our methodology and the rationale for our assessment.

K & M will support clients with multiple aspects of transforming their ideas into commercialized products on a consultative basis. The cost of these services are clearly disclosed prior to providing the services and K & M does not financially gain from any source other than the clients that we support.

K & M does not develop, market or promote inventions on behalf of its clients. While we can, at the clients request, provide guidance in multiple areas, the responsibility for development, licensing and all commercialization is solely that of that client.

K & M does not provide financial funding to its clients nor does K & M seek ownership or royalties in return for or as a part of the compensation for the work that we perform.

Do Your Research:

K & M encourages our clients to understand their rights and beware of common warning signs of unscrupulous invention promotion, marketing and licensing firms and understand their rights. This document, provided by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, provides many appropriate suggestions for inventors: (www.uspto.gov/web/offices/com/iip/documents/scamprevent.pdf)

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